It is with great pleasure that I offer your organization an opportunity to become a valuable sponsor of the GLOBAL GHOST HUNT!  This will be a semi-annual event that happens every year for a span of 10 days.  This is the first ever global ghost hunt that offers back-end support to our paranormal investigators and the locations that they have chosen.  We are bringing a new spin to investigations and the under-investigated, never-investigated, or always investigated locations around the world!

We’ve been organizing this venture for some time now, and have decided to offer an opportunity for businesses to get involved with this ground-breaking venture. 

We are only reaching out to a few select companies to begin with. We are looking for an elite group of sponsors who would enjoy contributing financial assistance to ensure our success and continued growth. 

This event will help create an avenue for paranormal teams to become known in the industry, as well as give credence to the paranormal world and the under-investigated locations around the globe.  Because our opportunity allots for millions upon millions of viewers world wide, this will bring credence to those teams that may never have a chance other wise.  It also allows us to teach, learn, and explore all of the legends and beliefs of the people in the region that is being explored.  This is not a TV show that is cut and edited to curtail it’s findings to be a success….but instead, think of the best horror movie you’ve ever watched and think of the scores of people sitting and watching these events twice a year (10 days each time).  Imagine the eyes that will see and hear about your organization for the first time….no matter how big you already are, I guarantee there are areas of the world where your logo and name have not been seen…until these events every six months!  Imagine the opportunity that creates for growth and brand recognition for you also.

Global Ghost Hunt aims to create a friendly atmosphere among all these ghastly organizations, and to help others in the community find truth in the afterlife and to see the signs they present upon us daily.  

No donation or sponsorship amount is ever under-appreciated, and although we will gladly accept any donation amount, we are offering 4 specific tiers in this sponsorship program. Unless the sponsorship amount falls within the tiers provided, there will be a simple thank you for donating towards our cause.  

As a valuable sponsor, however, your company name any logo will be showcased on our website for the six months in which you sponsor, as well as be seen in commercials and throughout the event.  There will also be a sponsorship page that lists the sponsors and gives a bit of information on who they are as a company. 

The details of the total amount of each sponsorship level of the program are laid out below in the diagram.  

We appreciate you considering our proposal for sponsorship. 

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information about the program.