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During the 10-day investigation, you’re participating in live-streaming and video recording which will be viewed by thousands upon thousands who will watch live as you investigate. Haunted locations from around the globe will be introduced to the world during these events. Our goal is to open the paranormal world up to people from around the globe to witness what paranormal investigations are really about when conducted properly.  
Starting in the spring of 2023, Paranormal Teams and their Haunted locations from around the globe will be highlighted over 10 days beginning May 4th to May 14th and again October 19th to October 29th.  Those that registered with the Global Ghost Hunt will partake in their investigation while Live Streaming.  This streaming which will include video recording and social media collaboration will be the platform for making this event happen.

Welcome to The First Annual Global Ghost Hunt

May 4th to 14th & Oct 19th to 29th

Celebrate the first official Global Ghost Hunt by being part of this world-class event.

Global Ghost Hunt will introduce true paranormal investigation experiences with the world. 

Paranormal enthusiasts from around the globe are invited to experience
what a true paranormal investigation should be. 

Live Streaming

Every Paranormal Investigation Team will go live if possible at there haunted locations so the rest of the globe can witness what real Paranormal investigators do. 

If live streaming is not possible then that team will take the recording and send it to the Global Ghost Hunt and will be shown in the dates of the event between May 4th and May 14th or October 19th and October 29th. The Live-Stream we have selected will be over several different social media platforms to find these platforms go to our listing of platforms on the bottom of this site. You can also subscribe or follow to these different platforms.


Global Ghost Hunt Purpose

In 2023, when the first Global Ghost Hunt begins is to show these Paranormal Investigation teams around the globe what paranormal investigation is all about and to showcase these amazing teams and to also preserve these historical locations that seem to be disappearing every year.   


Saving these historical locations

Paranormal investigators know these haunted locations are disappearing more and more each day. Many Paranormal investigators want to explore the mysteries and the history of these locations that have been around for years and years. But like everything, a lot of these locations have been hit with years of abuse and sometimes even vandalism. By introducing these amazing historical locations through Global Ghost Hunt, the goal is to preserve, so more Paranormal investigators will explore these historical locations. So the globe is invited to watch paranormal investigators investigate these amazing locations. 


Global Ghost Hunt Reaction All Over The Globe

Each country, state, province or continent believes, strives and captures what lies beyond death with different styles and techniques. Global Ghost Hunt offers the best opportunity not only to showcase these teams but the differences amongst each other. 

What will the globe reaction be from one haunted location to another from a team in Australia to a team in the U.K. These Paranormal investigation teams are looking for the best evidence to provide to the globe and to show how great they are as paranormal investigators. One common goal is to prove to the globe that the paranormal exists. 

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[mycred_video width="560" height="315"]