Investigation Team Registration

To enter the Global Ghost Hunt is $100.00 the reason for this cost is associated with bringing on a full production studio for 2023, enhancing the live stream, marketing, advertising, and a variety of other costs. We appreciate your understanding!

When your payment has been confirmed and your registration has been submitted you will be sent an invoice and contract to be signed agreeing to the terms of the Global Ghost Hunt.

By Submitting this Registration and payment you are confirming the information is complete and correct to the best of your abilities.



Team Conduct & Event Terms Contract

Congratulations, you have made the decision to become part of the first ever Global Ghost Hunt!

About us:

We are the first ever Global Ghost Hunting Organization that offers full support!

Thanks to the Founder and Director Bryan-Jon Laverty, the world is going to experience events like never before. We have established Global Ghost Hunt to bring attention and recognition to both the locations around the world that have paranormal activities, as well as bringing your team into the spotlight to get some notoriety in the field. As you may know, the world has so many locations that are unexplored, under-explored, or unheard of. We are coming together with paranormal teams around the globe to create massive 10-day coverage events of these locations as well as to add some notoriety to the paranormal teams heading the investigations. We are offering, at a cost, for your pre-selected paranormal team to register for these events, and to investigate the locations of your choice during these times. What we are offering is a first-rate support team to support your efforts. We will supply a production team that live streams your investigations, commercials, credits, and much more to help highlight your team during these events. This allows for higher ratings and views, and for the globe to become familiar with you and what your specialties are in the paranormal realm. This also gives us the opportunity to collaborate with you and the footage you have supplied us, and ultimately to have more control over the outcome of the video delivery and what is captured during the evidence gathering period involved. In short this means, even if you do not have the capability to live stream from the location you choose to investigate, you will have our team collaborating to ensure delivery of the event still happens. This will bring your screen time to a global audience, accreditations, and much more.

This agreement contains the entire understanding between Global Ghost Hunt and the undersigned Paranormal Investigation team. The Reservation Deposit, as mentioned on the website registration, is required when signing up your Paranormal Investigation Team to enter the Global Ghost Hunt. That deposit is refundable, under certain circumstances. For ALL refunds to be approved, you will need to write a special request with an explanation of the situation and why you feel that it should be refunded. All decisions by the directors are final and you are agreeing that you will not take suit against Global Ghost Hunt if in the event that we cannot come to an agreement on the refund. Please keep in mind that just because you were unable to fulfill your part in the Global Ghost Hunt, we still have overhead to cover on the back- end to ensure these events happen. By signing below, the Paranormal Investigation Team understands and agrees to the entire amount owed to the Global Ghost Hunt (again, pricing provided on the registration web page).